Phoenix Summer School

Why Phoenix School of Roseburg?

Our Mission 

To teach at-risk youth to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding, and skills required of caring, committed, and productive citizens

Our Vision 

Phoenix School takes its name from the Egyptian myth of a powerful bird that lived for five hundred years. At the end of its life, the phoenix builds a nest of wood, sets fire to it, and dies in the flames only to rise from the ashes to live again. Like the phoenix of Egyptian myth, we believe that people can rise from the problems that consume them and then soar to a new life.

Our Priorities

At Phoenix Charter High School, Academic Excellence is our primary objective. We provide a rigorous college-preparatory program along with an emphasis on career and technical skills that prepares our students for success in their college and career endeavors. Students that graduate from Phoenix Charter High School earn much more than their high school diploma; our interdisciplinary approach allows our graduates to gain the knowledge, skills and the experiences necessary to make their college and career goals a reality.

Individualized Learning

Phoenix Charter High School fosters a diverse community of students and thus we believe that each student should be able to follow an individualized plan to build on their strengths and interests. Because we believe that our purpose is to help the individual grow into a well functioning asset to their community, our school curriculum is comprised of three facets: academic achievement, career-technical education, and personal growth that provide emphasis on academic excellence, intellectual and personal integrity, participation in community life, and college and career readiness.

History of Phoenix

Phoenix School was founded in 1981 by a group of concerned educators in order to provide students with a safe and engaging environment in which they could learn and grow.

According to ancient Greek mythology, the phoenix has a 500 year lifecycle. Near the end of its life,  it builds a nest of twigs and proceeds to ignite both the nest and itself. Reduced to ashes, a new phoenix arises, reborn to live again. The phoenix’s ability to be born again renewed from its own ashes implies that it is immortal and articulates a story of perseverance and growth. At Phoenix Charter School we believe that every student has the ability to overcome challenging circumstances to arise as a newer better version of the past self and we work diligently to provide each student with such opportunities.

Ready to Learn More?

We’re here to help! Our Enrollment Team wants to help you select the right track for your child. Phoenix Charter School is a public high school in the Roseburg School District and is open to all students in Douglas County. We enroll students in grades 8 through 12, as well as students seeking a GED.

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