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Last school year 26 Phoenix students earned their high school diploma.  These youth entered Phoenix Charter High behind in credits but persevered and were ultimately able to graduate.


Our 2015-2016 4 year Cohort Graduation Rate (first time high school students in a particular year and the percentage that graduate within four years) is 16.67%, 5 percentage points higher than last year’s rate and on par with other Oregon schools that have comparable student populations.  Our 2015-16 NCES graduation rate is 49.6.

Our retention rate also continues to increase and the 2015-2016 Dropout Rate for Phoenix Charter School is 14.5%, a vast decrease from last year’s rate of 28.92%.   

“I attribute the increase in our graduation rates and decrease in our dropout rate to several new programs, including GED and Early College, and a focus on growing our freshman and sophomore classes.  The longer we have to work with each student the greater success we see.” Says Phoenix Principal, Kelly Rush.

Freshmen who begin at Phoenix within six weeks of the start of the school year are most often on-track for graduation by the end of the school year. Those who wait to enroll until they are juniors or seniors with little or no credit, while still welcome, typically have much lower rates of completion. Additionally, 80+% of the student body reports increased positive development compared to their previous school including academic success, positive core values, positive life choices, and life skills.  

Phoenix Charter School serves ten Douglas County communities through enrollment of over 180 students grades 8-12.  Our mission is students creating pathways to college and careers through high academic standards, career technical education and personal growth.

For more information on Oregon Department of Education Graduation Rates please visit their website:

2015-16 GRADUATION AND DROPOUT RATE                                                                           01/26/17

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