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Students creating pathways to college and careers through high standards of academic achievement, career-technical education, and personal growth.

At Phoenix Charter High School, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is just one of our many priorities. We provide a rigorous college-preparatory program along with an emphasis on career and technical skills that prepares our students for success in their college and career endeavors. Students that graduate from Phoenix Charter High School earn much more than their high school diploma; our interdisciplinary approach allows our graduates to gain the knowledge, skills and the experiences necessary to make their college and career goals a reality.

Phoenix Charter High School fosters a diverse community of students and thus we believe that each student should be able to follow an individualized plan to build on their strengths and interests.

Because we believe that our purpose is to help the individual grow into a well functioning asset to their community, our school curriculum is comprised of three facets: academic achievement, career-technical education, and personal growth that provide emphasis on  academic excellence, intellectual and personal integrity, participation in community life, and college and career readiness.


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Phoenix Charter School is provided by the Phoenix School of Roseburg, a private non-profit youth development organization.


Board Meeting Date:         January 20, 2022 5:00pm

Meeting Location:             Zoom

Phone #: 1-669-900-6833

Meeting ID: 884 6706 1771

Password: 421202

Agenda Items:                 —Principal Report        


Phoenix Charter School Board meetings are open to the public. Board meeting minutes are available upon request and our board clips can be accessed here: Phoenix Charter School Board Clips.

For further information please contact the Executive Assistant, at

Board President:

Rick Wesenberg

Board Vice President:


Board Secretary:

Tom Nelson

Board Treasurer:

Jason Troxel

Board Members:

Lee Ann Grogan

April Hamlin

Laurie Newton

Michael Rondeau

Gillian Wesenberg

Phoenix School was founded in 1981 by a group of concerned educators in order to provide students with a safe and engaging environment in which they could learn and grow.


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The phoenix, according to ancient Greek mythology, has a 500 year lifecycle near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs and proceeds to ignite both the nest and itself. Reduced to ashes, a new phoenix arises, reborn to live again.  The phoenix’s ability to be born again, renewed from it’s own ashes implies that it is immortal and articulates a story of perseverance and growth.

At Phoenix Charter School we believe that every students has the ability to overcome, like the phoenix, challenging circumstances to arise as a newer, better version of the past self and we work diligently to provide each student with such opportunities.


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Phoenix Charter School is provided by the Phoenix School of Roseburg, a private non-profit (501(c)(3)) youth development organization.

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